Our Wines

The lively and classical expressions of our vineyards.

Made with hand-picked grapes from our vineyards, Mairena wines strive to deliver more surprise, more excitement and more enjoyment. Resting on the edge of the Andes mountains, our wine cellars preserve the added complexity and texture that you can expect from Mairena. Enjoy the lively and classical expressions of our wines and taste the difference.


Variety: 100% Malbec
Harvest: 2008

Organoleptic Characteristics: A deep scarlet red in appearance, attractive with violet hues. Ripe red fruit, plums, cherries, wild berries, and a hint of coffee bean on the nose. Big, bold, and of singular structure to the palate.

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MAIRENA Torrontes

Variety: 100% Torrontes
Harvest: 2010

Organoleptic Characteristics: Soft yellow color with golden hues, at nose it displays a floral aroma with hints of honey and anis. At mouth it is fresh with a nice acidity, finishes sweet. Pairing: ideal to accompany entrees, seafood, Thai food, Chinese food or appetizers.

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& Bonarda Reserve

Variety: 100% Bonarda
Harvest: 2009

Organoleptic Characteristics: A profound red with purple hues in appearance. Prominent notes of wild berries and vanilla, mixed with a delicate hint of wild mushrooms and the nose. Intense tannins that grab the palate, yet structured and smooth with a pleasant acidity. Ideal complement to game, pasta, cheeses and spicy sauces.

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MAIRENA Sauvignon Blanc

Variety: 100% Sauvignon Blanc
Harvest: 2010

Organoleptic Characteristics: Light yellow color with green tints and it displays an aroma of citric fruits with maracuya and herbal notes. It is easy on the palate, sticky, fresh and fruity. It also has a balanced and long-lasting finish on the palate.

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